Getting involved with LOCALHOST

How can YOU get involved in LOCALHOST? Let me count the ways…

Getting involved with LOCALHOST
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Simply put, LOCALHOST is a series of community-lead events set around the Internet Engineering Task Force meeting, an opportunity to think and discuss how we build and govern internet architecture as a community.

The week of events will be kicked off my the free IETF Hackathon on July 20th 2024, and ends with OurNetworks 2024 "Does not (cloud) compute" and the LOCALHOST Vancouver Hackday the following Sunday. You can see all of the current LOCALHOST events on as embedded at the bottom of this post.

🙋‍♀️ Can I run an event too? YES please!!

If you or your community want to run an event as part of LOCALHOST, go to the LOCALHOST Luma calendar and click + ADD EVENT

screencap of the LOCALHOST Luma calendar with an arrow pointing to the ADD EVENT button
Click the +Add Event button to get your event on the calendar

We will review your event submission to ensure it loosely aligns with the wider themes of the week (see below) and get back to you. If you are not sure, or would like a little support in refining your theme, contact us.

NOTE: When you pitch, let us know what your event's Code of Conduct will be. If you don't have your own, you must agree to conduct your event under the DWebYVR Code of Conduct.

🗣 I'd like to just give a workshop, talk, or demo

On Sunday, July 28th, we're hosting the LOCALHOST Hack Day.

We're happy to have suggestions on what to include, as well as people working on their own projects.

Potential Themes

These are the kinds of things that you might want to build your event around:

  • the internet beyond Alphabet and Meta
  • decentralized computing and social media
  • local first software
  • home labs
  • municipal internet and meshnets
  • Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI)
  • data sovereignty and data governance
  • folk software
  • end-user programming
  • and more!

Have another idea? Pitch us!

Join the DWebYVR Signal or Discord, or connect to Boris or Chad on Linkedin

Charging money

If you would like to charge for your event please get in touch. We have the infrastructure in place to collect funds on your behalf. Also, we can provide discount codes for your community members to attend other LOCALHOST events.


Once you are officially on the calendar, DWebYVR will cross-promote your event on all of our channels.

When doing your own promotion, please use the hashtag #LOCALHOSTVan so people can follow along on various social networks. If you use 🦋 Bluesky, subscribe to the LOCALHOSTVan feed to catch all the conversation there.

🤝 Other ways of getting Involved

Here are some really quick ways you can get involved without organizing your own event:

  1. Retweet and repost the #LOCALHOSTVan hashtag on your social media to get the word out.
  2. Do you have space we could use? Please reach out! We need more spaces to run events.
  3. Sponsorship: LOCALHOST is volunteer led. We are looking for community sponsors to help us offset costs.
Get in touch via Signal or Discord or Matrix

🗓️ Current LOCALHOST Events

A week of tech, media, and other explorations of how to create things we can own together