Local AI workshop with Kushal Goenka at LOCALHOST Hack Day

Kushal Goenka is joining us at LOCALHOST Hack Day to present on Local AI: learn about how it works, and get it installed on your own computer.

Local AI workshop with Kushal Goenka at LOCALHOST Hack Day

We're pleased to host Kushal Goenka at the LOCALHOST Hack Day. Kushal will be giving a workshop on Local AI: cutting edge, open source

AI models installed and run on your local computer.

The Local AI workshop is hosted inside our Hack Day on Sunday, July 28th. Kushal will take part in a morning session about the impact and evolution of AI, and will then have a dedicated 3 hour session in the afternoon to walk people through installing, configuring, and running AI tools locally.

Local AI Workshop

Kushal will be running through a full background on AI, digging all the way into how the technology works, starting with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and progressing into modern Large Language Models (LLMs), embeddings, models and more.

His goal is to get you equipped on how these tools have gotten to this point, and how to make them useful for you. Specifically, he's a big believer in data-to-data conversion and the utility of these tools, rather than a magical intelligence.

My goal with this talk is to demystify Large Language Models and equip you to think of LLMs as just another tool in your toolkit, ready to be used in creative ways to various ends.

Here's a video of Kushal presenting some of this material in a previous workshop.

Once you have a solid background in how things work, Kushal will guide you through installing open source AI tools locally. You'll need to bring your own laptop, and it would be helpful to have Docker Desktop pre-installed.

We'll share some more details on work you can do ahead of time to get setup before the event.

About Kushal

Kushal Goenka, Local AI Workshop Lead

Kushal is an independent software design & development consultant who is a passionate advocate for open source licensed, freely available software, as well as access to education around these topics. His philosophy centers on leveraging emerging technologies to create intuitive and immersive digital experiences, often integrating AI advancements in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Realtime Computer Graphics.

Recently, with the mass interest in centralized and closed source AI, Kushal has been sharing his knowledge on how to use open source versions of these tools. Local AI can be privacy preserving, work fully offline, and use the compute resources you already have in your local laptop or hosted server, as well as customized for your needs and data sources.

Kushal Goenka
Virtual Reality Developer, Industrial Designer, UX Designer, Web Developer & CG Artist

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