Announcing LOCALHOST Vancouver

A kick off announcement for LOCALHOST: a week of tech, media, & other explorations of how to create things we can own together, alongside IETF120

Announcing LOCALHOST Vancouver

The DWebYVR community is organizing a week of events while the IETF is in town. Tech, media, and other explorations of how to create things we can own together.

So many of our digital participations are on platforms and software that we don't own, and can't easily affect. The cloud makes us think that everything is far away, and diffuse.

But we can build, run, modify, and create software, hardware, art, media, and tech of our own!

Some provocations to think about:

  • What does it mean to buy local – for software?
  • Where is your Internet made?
  • Your digital art deserves a home you can own.
  • Tech doesn’t live in San Francisco. 
  • How does the Internet work?

Part of learning about how the Internet works, is learning how it is governed, and designed. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is one of the major Standards Development Organizations involved in the architecture and governance of the web. They will be bringing over 1000 technology experts (and another 1000 online) to Vancouver for one of their global meetings. This is an opportunity to interact with people that are in town for the event, as well as learn more about it. You can learn more and register here.

The logo of the Internet Engineering Task Force

Events So Far

The week starts with the IETF Hackathon on Saturday July 20th, which is open to everyone and free of charge. We'll be organizing a DWebYVR Garden dinner on Sunday to kick things off.

Throughout the week the IETF will be holding its meetings while LOCALHOST community events are run in parallel. Follow LOCALHOST on Luma or subscribe below to stay informed as new community events are added.

We'll end the week with Our Networks on Saturday July 27th, and the LOCALHOST Vancouver Hack Day on July 28th, at 312 Main.

Get Involved

We encourage others to organize events this week. We have several organizations volunteering venues and spaces for the week, and we can all share promotion for events that are happening.

Want to get involved in suggesting topics you'd like to learn more about, finding people to co-organize events with, sponsoring, or just to find out more? Join us in the DWeb Discord chat » (or leave a comment on this post)

Two More Things

David & Boris are hosting another Vancouver Hack Day on June 23rd at Z-Space. A great way to prep and plan for LOCALHOST.

Our friends at Minimum Viable Demos are also bringing creative, inspiring energy to Vancouver. Join them June 30th for an evening of ambitious projects exploring technology, art, and science.